Take A Walk

My daughter relieves me most days when I sit with Brooky (my CHD warrior who resides at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh). We have been here long enough that we have developed shifts so no one is overly burdened or burnt out.


Some days I'm good; I'm happy and relaxed. But others I feel as if the walls are closing in on me. When I explained this to my daughter she told me when she feels like that she just takes a walk.


I'm pouring my heart out and this child is talking about taking walks. Needless to say my original thought was, "foolishness". However the next time the walls began to close in on me and I felt myself thinking, "I have  to get out of here", I waited until Brooky fell into the deepest of sleep, and I took a walk.


When I tell you that walk to no where, was refreshing, rejuvenating and it made me feel like a new person, I mean that.


Why do I share this story you ask? I often stress the importance of self-care. Well this is just another example of why self care is so vital to not just surviving but actually thriving. This very simple almost silly idea has revolutionized my time here at the hospital and given me new energy I didn't think I had.


What areas of your life are driving you insane? What is happening when you visualize yourself jumping over a table and throat punching a coworker or worse, your boss? What is being said when you begin to wonder if you married the wrong person, or "do I know him/her at all?” At that very moment (or the closest moment possible), before doing or saying something you will regret, take a walk. Even if it's just a mental walk where you close your eyes and visualize yourself leaving that space and basking in the fresh air and sunshine of the day. Praying, meditating and even talking to yourself (as crazy as it may seem) in a positive way are all great additions to this exercise.


Don't allow circumstances and situations to take you to a level of dysfunction, but instead take a walk, gather your composure, rejuvenate your spirit, allow your mind to unload, debrief and deescalate and come back fresh; ready to conquer the world (maybe that's a stretch but you get the idea).


So the self care tip for today thanks to Ms. Sheltaya is #TakeAWalk


It can save a marriage, help you keep your job, but most importantly sustain your sanity in this fast paced, high pressure world we live in.



But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed

(Luke 5:16, NIV)


Why Self Care: Because Even Jesus Did It

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