One Request

So, I have a huge ask. Please forgive me if it sounds selfish but consider it if you’re able.

My husband and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, WOOHOO!!!

We have asked for ideas in the form of plans, activities and must do’s for this our silver year. I had a lot of favorites. A few people mentioned renewing our vows. Although this is a wonderful idea in theory, it’s just not our thing, (at least not right now). A great memorable trip would be awesome as would buying some huge heirloom’esque item to make this season of our lives a sacred memory. All of these are wonderful ideas but in looking for the staying power that got us here in the first place, I request one thing:


Would you pray for our union? Would you pray that the enemy doesn’t creep in and slowly but surely divide and conquer us? We are on a major path of busyness and transition, and although idle time is the devil’s workshop, so is distance in relationship. As you read this or if we cross your mind and/or heart over the course of the day, would you mind saying a prayer for us. We have endured many a test and trial and the enemy would like nothing more than to see us celebrate the day, then fall into diverse temptation. 

So my prayer requests are: 

  • That God increase the love we have for one another 
  • That He heal the wounds we have inflicted on one another whether through omission or commission 
  • That He heal the wounds inflicted by others that creep into our relationship
  • That He bind our hearts together with cords that cannot be broken. 
  • That He maintain His place as the head of our lives so that we see one another through His graceful and merciful lens 
  • That we support one another’s endeavors 
  • That we weather both the storms and transitions that come with long term relationships
  • That we continue to love through the busyness and the distance that comes with relationship growth and changes. 

I want to continue to grow and change but I truly want to grow and change together with my husband. And as you pray for us please add the names of other married couples you know that could use the ultimate gift: 

A touch from the Lord

Thank you in advance for your love and support, but most importantly for your prayers. 

2 thoughts on “One Request”

  1. I prayed this for you and Shel and am going to start praying this for us and the marriages in your church as well as ours.

    Thank you dear sister for this AMAZING and bold prayer! Love you both 💙💙💙

    1. Thank you Carla. It is so vital that we undergird married couples with prayer. Shel and I often do it for others but I’m learning to ask for the same for us. Money gets spent and shiny gifts fade, but prayer is truly the staying power we all need.

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